Report: Mizzou's Haith facing charges from NCAA

Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Missouri men’s head basketball coach Frank Haith is¬†expected to be charged with unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance this week regarding the NCAA’s investigation into the University of Miami’s dealing with a booster, reports

Haith coached at the University of Miami from 2004-2011 before taking the Missouri job.

Three assistants that previously worked on Haith’s staff: Jake Morton, Jorge Fernandez and Michael Schwartz are expected to be charged as well.

The source told that the NCAA was unable to prove the allegation from Miami booster Nevin Shapiro that Haith or anyone on his staff paid $10,000 to a family member of former player DeQuan Jones. However, Haith will be charged with unethical conduct because the NCAA did not believe his story that payments to his assistants intended for camp money did not wind up going to repay Shapiro, who made the allegations to Yahoo Sports back in August of 2011.

Those accused with have 90 days to respond to any NCAA inquiry. Shapiro is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for a $930 million Ponzi scheme and has said he gave Miami athletes impermissible benefits over an eight year period.

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