Should the NHL punish Mike Ribeiro?

Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The Washington Capitals lost their second game of the season last night and center Mike Ribeiro wasn’t just displeased with the quality of play on the ice. Ribeiro called out the officials after the game for failing to acknowledge two separate incidents of high sticking in the 4-2 loss to the Jets. The NHL, like all professional sports in America, doesn’t take kindly to players publicly calling out referees. However, according to Katie Carrera of the Washington Post, the NHL isn’t expected to hand out any punishment to Ribeiro for his comments. Either the NHL is a lot more lenient than other sports when it comes to calling out refs, or the league office saw exactly what Ribeiro saw and are ending it at that. But should the NHL have suspended Ribeiro or will not doing so result in more player revolt against officials?




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