What’s wrong with the Washington Capitals?

Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Before the lockout-shortened 2013 season began, a lot of the talk among the pundits was about just how crucial each and every game in a 48-game season will be. Teams are going to have to treat every game like it’s a playoff battle, or else they could find themselves out of the race for the playoffs before the season really begins. While most teams have seemingly gotten that memo, it’s clear that one team hasn’t. As of Friday morning, the Washington Capitals are the only team in the NHL without a point on the season. Clearly, first-year head coach Adam Oates still has some work to do to get his players to fully buy into the system that he’s trying to sell to them. In a regular year, being 0-3-0 with zero points to start the season isn’t overly worrisome despite the fact that it’s still not a wanted start. However, to get off to that start with such a compressed season, it could be more damning than usual. In their three games, the Capitals have lost to the likes of Tampa Bay, Winnipeg and Montreal. What’s even more alarming is how they lost those games.




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