How much has technology changed the Super Bowl?

January 15, 1967. The world was engulfed in the Cold War, civil rights was still a hot button issue and disco had yet to be invented. But on this day, a seismic event occurred that changed the world and would usher in a revolutionary fusion of sports and technology. The revolution wouldn’t actually happen for another 30 years but the pieces were set in place when Super Bowl I kicked off. Think for a moment about how different the Super Bowl is today versus how it was in 1967. Back when the first Super Bowl kicked off, people actually lost footage of the game; to this day we don’t have a complete visual play-by-play of happened. We know what happened but we can???t actually see every play. Today, games that aren’t even on as massive of scale as the Super Bowl have twenty different television angles with a hundred different lenses you can view the game through from the comfort of your home on a mobile tablet.
Even though we have spotty footage of the first Super Bowl today, it was innovative in its time. Never before had an NFL game been simulcast on more than one major network before Super Bowl I. The only other time in NFL history this has happened was in 2007 when the Patriots and Giants played in Week 17 when New England was going for an undefeated season.




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