Pens, Fleury agree he’ll see sports psychologist

Credit: Getty Images

Though helping put together Team USA, Pittsburgh general manager Ray Shero’s day job is to help put together the Penguins — which includes trying to get Marc-Andre Fleury back on track. The Penguins and Fleury mutually agreed to address his mental approach via a sports psychologist. Shero had previously asked Fleury to meet with one. It’s finally happening this summer. Good for the Penguins. Good for Fleury. These kinds of relationships happen across society, so of course they happen in sports. They’re healthy. Pirates pitcher Charlie Morton benefited from such a relationship. So did Penguins winger Matt Cooke. Fleury doesn’t have physical issues. His playoff failures would appear to be more in his head. “The playoffs are the question mark he’s had the past four years,” Shero said.




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